Walking Pneumonia and Diabetes

Posted on November 9, 2009. Filed under: Diabetes Firsts |

OK, I feel like a bad mom!

I’m the type of mom that does not immediately assume the worst. When Josh broke his wrist snow boarding a few years ago it took me two weeks to take him to the orthopaedist (but in my defense he said it didn’t hurt that bad and he even did a push up to show me!).

And I can get amazing results with over the counter medicines.

So last night when Josh complained that his ear hurt a little I didn;t think much of it. I just put a warm compress on his ear.

When in to tuck him in, though, he had this weird hive type rash.

walking pneumonia

Weird Rash!

Yuck- huh? It was even more yuck in the morning!

So, we head off to the pediatrician (who I love because he always gets us right in!). Dr. Yu takes one look and says “Walking Pneumonia– classic symptoms”

Who would of thought that this rash was a classic symptom of walking pneumonia? Apparently it is called

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